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Director of Analytics

Domestic/Analytics/Canada – Washington, District of Columbia
Department Domestic/Analytics/Canada
Employment Type Full time
Minimum Experience Experienced

GQR is looking for someone who has political data experience and is intellectually curious, constantly asking what drives voters to support progressive candidates and issues.  The ideal candidate has serious data and analytics skills with survey and voter file data and isn’t afraid to dig deep to answer difficult questions.  They are uniquely equipped to translate their findings into visualizations and short write ups that are easy to understand by a non-technical or analytic audience.  They are comfortable working in databases with multiple types of data, and thrive working in a team environment. This position requires a keen analytical mind, attention to detail, and topnotch organizational skills.

The Director of Analytics has three main functions:

  1. Serve as a lead analyst on a large survey database to provide cutting edge insights to clients to help progressives win. In this capacity they also write marketing proposals with principals, set research specifications, lead data analysis, write reports and present the findings to the clients.
  2. Serve as a resident statistician expert for the entire firm. The Director of Analytics will train junior staff on methods of and statistical data analysis. They will also inform staff on recent trends in analytics in order to stay current.
  3. Help develop new products, as needed, to meet client needs.

This position requires a unique combination of training in survey research, survey methodology, statistical methods and political experiences.

Core Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Act as lead analyst for secondary survey database analysis.
  2. Conduct in-depth data analysis of quantitative survey data (multivariate analysis of large cross sectional survey database and time series analysis).
  3. Write memos and design PowerPoints on the findings of the analysis for clients and principals.
  4. Design and generate marketable products from analytic departments.
  5. Write marketing proposals for current and prospective clients and participate in marketing pitches.
  6. Consult with principal on strategic and research decisions as necessary.
  7. Manage projects, guide team, and mentor junior staff.
  8. Be an active student of the recent developments in methods of analysis and the current thinking within the progressive community.

Management Responsibilities & Authority

  1. Mentor junior staff and help develop their skills as analysts.
  2. Provide feedback to junior staff on job performance and conduct performance reviews at appropriate intervals.
  3. Coordinate training sessions and help in developing the content and structure of the staff training curriculum.

Education, Skills & Abilities

  1. Degree in statistics, mathematics, or social science with emphasis in quantitative methodology.
  2. Strong sense of professionalism.
  3. Understanding of progressive politics.
  4. Is intellectually curious about finding out what drives voters to support progressives.
  5. Is a team player, with excellent ability to communicate.
  6. Ability to handle a consistently heavy workload and frequently long hours. 
  7. Experience translating research findings into concise presentations and memos.
  8. Experience working with survey data and conducting analysis from survey data.
  9. Experience working with voter files.
  10. Experience with Stata, R, Python.
  11. Strong knowledge and experience with statistics.
  12. Strong knowledge of and experience with reporting packages (Business Objects etc), databases (SQL), and ETL frameworks.
  13. Working knowledge of data visualization platforms (such as Tableau, PowerBI, Looker or Periscope).
  14. Knowledge of the data collection process.
  15. Campaign experience a plus.

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